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Chiropracticpedia is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(6), formed to be the wikipedia of chiropractic. Our primary goal is to inform the public about chiropractic. Due to our non-profit status the companies listed in the right column can contribute funds directly to our organization's cause when you use their services. The funds raised will go directly to promoting and advertising chiropractic! Yes TV ads are the ultimate goal!
Stage 1: Website development & fundraising (current stage)
Stage 2: Once the website is developed we can share it with the public via social media; email, facebook, etc.
Stage 3: Once we have enough funds, we can advertise on TV!
How to help in Stage 1:
Donate: Donations support the website's goals.
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DCs Participate: Share your knowledge and experience!Think of this as chiropractic's own wikipedia! This is an opportunity to contribute information to our growing library. Please explore the website and contribute.
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